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Our Vision

Symbodied’s mission involves providing socio-economically rooted, historically contextualized, and culturally relevant consulting and project assistance to organizations. Our approach emphasizes inclusive decision-making processes and equitable resource distribution, aligning with principles that encourage collective participation. Inspired by the ideas of leaders who championed social justice and empowerment, Symbodied embraces a vision that prioritizes community welfare and equitable development. By integrating these principles, we strive to create a space where ethical, mutually beneficial relationships can thrive, contributing to positive social change.

Our Mission

“We are dedicated to fostering a collective lifestyle that values shared self-worth, collective love, and communal care, deeply rooted in the appreciation of our shared culture and history. Symbodied is committed to providing support and diverse resources that empower our community, recognizing and embracing the unique strengths and challenges within our collective, with a particular focus on the experiences of the proletariat working class. Through this inclusive and mindful approach, we aim to create sustainable opportunities, fostering a sense of shared belonging and ensuring a brighter future for our community as a whole.”. 

Collaboration | Ingenuity | Reciprocity

SymBodied’s community empowerment initiatives prioritize creating economic opportunities and guiding   BIPOC-led communities through challenges rooted in systemic oppression. Our approach embraces the interconnected struggles of BIPOC communities globally and advocates for liberation. Through holistic engagement, we empower communities, fostering economic resilience and advancing liberation within the broader context of justice and equity.

Community Development

Growth Root Cause Analysis by helping to identify strengths, talents and potential blindspots.

Agriculture (Full-Value Chain)

Process Improvement / Cultural Contextual Analysis by assisting in finding space for strengths to be cultivated.


By providing education around the client’s own ethnic/cultural history and the ways in which that affects their strengths, larger community and potential obstacles.

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