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About SymBodied

History, Food and Logistics — SymBodied strives to highlight assets in order to strengthen communities of color in a symbiotic way.

How It Began

Founder and Managing Member of SymBodied, Georie Bryant, has been connected with food for most of his life. From working in grocery stores, to being a professional chef for 20 years, along with farming that is deep-rooted in his family history; he is a true son of North Carolina. Through his career, it became apparent that there were ingrained struggles that Black, and  Indigenous – People of Color face within the agriculture and food industry. Bryant knew he had to be a part of the change and took an active role in empowering and providing solutions to help develop communities and their future generations.

What We Do

SymBodied, dedicated to organizing, is committed to addressing social inequities in agriculture. We equip organizations for worker- owned market expansion, tackle food insecurities, and support worker- owned cooperatives in agriculture, hospitality, and transportation. Grounded in popular education, we value community autonomy in shaping a collective, inspired by Afro-diaspora and indigenous  communities. Under standing that we are not a monolith, we foster exchanges that value diverse cosmologies without creating competition. Our aim is to empower communities, build economic stability, and create collectives where people value each other for ideas, services, labor ,and personhood.

Why We Do It

In a region where the enslaved once worked the land, it’s increasingly important to embrace the descendants of those same enslaved people and strengthen the legacy of agriculture in a more supported, recognized, and celebrated way. Through experience, Symbodied has developed a methodical approach to recognizing the needs and constraints of a given situation and synthesizing potential solutions in collaboration with the community. We have also garnered an amazing team to further cultivate this communal evolution. SymBodied’s position is that in order to properly nurture people, communities and their history, it starts with our land, food, and natural resources.

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