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Healthy agriculture is vital for people and the communities they make up. In order to properly take care of people, communities and their history then, it stands to reason that first our food, land and natural resources are taken proper care of as well.

At SymBodied, we privilege local, grassroots efforts in order to better serve the communities we come in contact with. While we are not opposed to traveling or working with others from other areas, we tend to stray away from nationally scaled projects. 

When working with SymBodied, one should expect first an initial consultation wherein we will assess your needs, wants, constraints and context. From there we will develop a personalized approach centered around the particulars of your wants and the needs of your  community.

While agriculture is central to SymBodied’s ethic, we are also happy to work with non-farmers and/or those without either a farm or experience with agriculture.

In the wake of the present-realities and histories of social injustice, SymBodied privileges the marginalized. And while we are not opposed to working with a client of any particular socio-economic or cultural background, the particulars of your background will always be taken into account as we work with you.

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